About PhosphonicS

PhosphonicS provides smart functionalised silica technology and application expertise so scientists and engineers can remove impurities to enhance product quality and recover value from process and waste streams containing low concentrations of precious metals from a wide range of industrial processes (see figure). 

Ranging from full scale bulk and fine chemical production through to laboratory development of pharmaceutical APIs and the treatment of metal processing waste streams, PhosphonicS’ application solutions are used at all stages of research, development and manufacturing. Each solution provides cost effective ways to help accelerate research and product development, enhance and maintain product quality and optimise production returns.

Our products reflect PhosphonicS’ drive to exploit the latest technological innovations and our commitment to maximising the potential of established techniques. They are used by both industry and academia, in sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals and natural extracts to fine and bulk chemicalsmining refinerieselectronics and metal recovery and recycling industries.

PhosphonicS’ systems are used to concentrate precious metals present at low levels in solution onto an easy to handle solid which can be shipped for refining in the most cost effective manner, thereby maximising potential returns across many different industries and applications. We work closely with Heraeus, our recommended refining partner, to help our customers maximise their returns through effective recovery of value from our loaded scavenger.


PhosphonicS Metal Scavengin Closes the Loop

Figure: PhosphonicS closes the loop

Headquartered in Milton Park near Oxford, UK, PhosphonicS has a strong multifunctional in house testing and development capability combined with a global sales reach through a distributor and agent network across European, North American, African and Asian markets. For further information, contact PhosphonicS at info@phosphonics.com.