Industry Services

At PhosphonicS our scientists relish the challenges presented by the removal or recovery of traces of a wide range of metals in product, process or waste streams.  We provide expert advice on the best solution to your particular challenge, whether it is purifying high performing products or recovering value from spent process streams. We offer a range of services tailored to your needs from beginning to end of your process including: technical advice on the optimum scavenger to choose, customised laboratory testing services, advice on processing parameters and engineering services from pilot to full scale plant design and installation. 

Using our smart silica technology we are able to provide customised research and development of silica based acid catalysts to suit the needs of your particular process development programme.

Metal removal for the Pharmaceuticals industry Pharmaceuticals

Transition metal catalysts, especially those based on palladium, are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

The effective removal of unwanted traces of these metals improves the success rate of meeting stringent regulatory compliance requirements and accelerates drug development through all stages from discovery to full commercialisation.

Metal recovery in the chemical industryChemicals

Chemical manufacturers face ever increasing pressure both to improve financial returns and reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

The effective recovery of value from spent precious metal catalysts present in waste streams helps these manufacturers to achieve both objectives by generating additional value and reducing waste.

Metal recovery for Mining Refineries Mining Refineries

The precious metal refining industry uses well established processes for extracting almost all of the PGMs present in mining ores. However, even these processes leave residual concentrations of PGMs in their end-of-line barrens streams.

The capture of the remaining PGMs present in such streams generates much needed additional revenue for these refineries.

Metal Recovery & Recycling Metal Recovery & Recycling

The widespread use of precious metals in a range of industrial processes has generated a thriving refining industry focused on the recovery of such metals from the waste from these industries.

The opportunity to release additional value from dilute waste streams from these processes helps to strengthen this industry further.

Metal recovery in the Electronics industry Electronics

The unique properties of certain precious metals has led to their widespread use in the production of high volume, high performance electronics components. In many cases, such processes generate high volumes of dilute waste streams containing significant amounts of precious metals which are not easily concentrated for use in conventional recycling processes.

Significant extra value can be unlocked from recovered precious metal waste streams thereby improving overall efficiency and reducing product costs further in a highly cost sensitive industry.

Metal removal in the Natural Extracts industry Natural Extracts

The boom in demand for natural extracts for medicinal and nutritional use has been limited by the presence of heavy metals in some plant and animal extracts often used in traditional medicines.

The effective removal of such heavy metals from these products enables producers to meet demanding regulatory standards thereby opening up new market opportunities.