Acid Catalysts

Our efficient immobilised acid catalysts are designed to simplify and streamline your process. Our range of products can be considered as an alternative to traditional homogeneous acids, with all the same chemical characteristics, whilst also benefitting from all the advantages of an immobilised reagent.

These clean, efficient catalysts can be used from lab to plant scale across a range of transformations including esterification, elimination, protection and deprotection, rearrangement, cyclisation and hydrolysis reactions.

Our experienced scientists and engineers are available to support you all the way, with in-house screening and testing available along with full engineering support services if necessary.

Acid Catalyst Product Table

Acid Catalysts

Key Benefits

  • Reduced operating costs - no additional washes are required

  • Lower waste disposal costs - reduced discharge minimises environmental impact

  • No additional purification required - prevents formation of genotoxic by-product impurities associated with sulfonic acids

  • Reduced overall production costs - catalysts can be easily recycled for reuse