Mining Refining Industry

The extraction of precious metals from mining deposits is a long and complex process requiring significant capital investment. At PhosphonicS our work in the mining refining industry has provided a deep understanding that, following the electrolytic refining operations, the key is in the sequential solution and precipitation processes to concentrate, extract and purify precious metals. The refining process gives rise to a barrens stream with high base metal and low precious metal concentrations which is not cost effective to treat using established metal extraction processes.

PhosphonicS scavengers are highly selective for precious metals over base metals.  By working closely with PhosphonicS to treat their barrens streams, mining refineries are able to recover additional quantities of precious metals than are available using standard chemical and electrolytic methods thereby maximising their returns from their operations

Precious Metal Recovery Products in Mining Refining Industry Table

Precious Metals for Mining Refineries Industry

Recovering precious metals in the mining refining industry

PhosphonicS works closely with technical and production teams at precious metal mining refining companies to carry out comprehensive laboratory testing of refinery streams in order to identify the best scavenger product and operating conditions for treatment of their particular precious metal containing stream. We then support the detailed engineering design and implementation of a complete scavenging solution, from pilot plant scale through to a permanent installation, depending on customer requirements.