WhoshouldIsee Tracks Metal Scavenger Applications – PhosphonicS

Metal Scavenger Applications

When a stream interacts with the scavenger the ligands ‘grab’ the metal, sticking it to the surface of the silica.

For the metal to be removed effectively the scavenger ligands must bind the metal more strongly than anything else in the stream. PhosphonicS materials are highly selective for metals, enabling removal without product loss.


PhosphonicS’ scavengers are the gold standard for metal removal and product purification. The scavengers are used to meet the highest standards required by the pharmaceutical industry and can therefore help accelerate drug development and commercialisation without the loss of product. The scavengers have very high affinities for platinum group metals such as Pd, Rh and Ru. PhosphonicS have a product for the removal of almost all metals



PhosphonicS’ acid catalysis products can be considered as an alternative to traditional homogenous acid catalysts, having the same chemical characteristics but the added benefit of being an immobilised reagent. The catalysts can be used on both lab and plant scale across a wide range of transformations, reducing operating and production costs. In addition, the catalysts can be recycled and reused.



PhosphonicS’ recovery products have very high affinities for platinum group metals. They can be used in acidic, organic and aqueous streams under a wide range of operating conditions. There has been proven economic recovery of Pd, Rh, Pt, Ir and Au but the scavengers will also recover a range of other metals. Employing PhosphonicS recovery products reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing processes, supporting the move across industries to more sustainable processes.



PhosphonicS’ products can remove most metals from organic and aqueous streams. These products can be used to remove toxic metals from a diverse array of streams to separate the hazardous material from your waste and facilitate treatment of hazardous waste. Specific equipment can be designed to fit within your existing plant to allow on-site treatment of hazardous waste, therefore reducing the cost of shipping and disposing of hazardous materials. They can be used to remove a diverse array of metals including Cr, Hg, Pb and Sn making waste treatment part of the operation rather than an additional step in your process.



PhosphonicS Advanced Scavenger Evaluation

At PhosphonicS we understand that every process or waste stream is different and that finding the best scavenger for your particular needs is not always easy. The PhASE programme has been expertly designed to find the optimum solution for you, before you commit to any significant capital expenditure. Our highly skilled scientists apply their experience to give you both the best possible solution and in the shortest possible time.