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Case Studies

Please browse from the list of case studies below to learn about the positive business level impacts our products have.

Cost effective recovery of Rh from a continuous process waste stream

A chemicals manufacturer used rhodium as a catalyst to make a bulk chemical in a continuous process, which generated approximately 1 tonne of waste per day containing 200 ppm rhodium. Incineration and recovery of the contaminating metal recovered > 90% of rhodium but the cost of the refining made the process uneconomical. Screening of the […]

90% value recovery of Pd catalyst

A pharmaceuticals manufacturer developed a route with a palladium-catalysed cross-coupling reaction. The final product was isolated with suitably low palladium levels, but the mother liquors contained 500 ppm palladium. The client was interested in the cost-effective recovery of the palladium from the stream to improve the sustainability of the process. Screening of the PhosphonicS scavenger […]

Optimised Pd removal from a pharmaceutical intermediate with 60% reduction in scavenger usage

A pharmaceutical client produced an intermediate using palladium catalysis which resulted in 1500 ppm Pd in the isolated product. Treatment of the product with the PhosphonicS product SEM26 removed the palladium to < 20 ppm using more than 100 wt% scavenger in batch slurry treatment. A PhASE program was carried out to optimise the scavenging […]