Precious metals are widely used in homogeneous catalysis throughout the chemical industry. Most companies have systems in place to recover the value from their spent catalysts, but with authorities across the globe tightening laws regarding waste and shipment of hazardous materials, this is becoming increasingly difficult; from fine chemicals to bulk chemicals, this complex problem is universal. The effective recovery of value from spent precious metal catalysts present in waste streams from the chemical industry improves the returns from manufacturing at the same time as reducing their environmental impact.


PhosphonicS works closely with customers to select the best scavenger for the particular recovery opportunity taking into account the value of the metal, the presence of other chemical species and the background solvent present in the stream. We work together to design the optimum processing conditions for scavenging and recommend the appropriate engineering solution for each customer’s individual situation.  The result is a simple and effective process, enabling fast, environmentally sustainable value recovery to maximise potential returns.