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Carbosynth Holdings Limited is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of PhosphonicS Ltd. The acquisition strengthens and broadens Carbosynth’s portfolio to include aninnovative scavenger technology for the pharmaceutical and other industries where the recovery and removal of platinum group metals is crucial.


PhosphonicS Ltd is a privately owned company which provides novel functionalized silica products for use in a wide range of industrial products and processes. From its world leading range of metal scavengers for the pharmaceutical industry,widely recognised as the best in the industry, through its solutions for precious metal recovery in the chemical and mining refining industries the company is able to deliver real sustainable value to a growing global customer base.The company has a strong pipeline of new innovative products and technology and is therefore well positioned to continue to grow in future.

Vanessa Eastwick-Field, Managing Director of Carbosynth said:

“The purchase of PhosphonicS fits well into the pharmaceutical customer base of Carbosynth where the removal of post-reaction metal residues has become a major issue in the drug industry. PhosphonicS scavengers take the industry to a new level in the purification of APIs by avoiding expensive, low efficiency, time-wasting and high costs of methods which have traditionally been used to eliminate unwanted products – e.g.chromatography, activated carbonetc. In addition to this the acquisition introduces new challenges for us in the chemical and mining industries where the recovery of precious metals is important for the economy of operations,the reduction of environmental issues and the saving of valuable and rare resources otherwise wasted. Our presence in North America, Europe, India and China will provide a solid base to develop the markets for this innovative technology.”

Linda Bell, former CEO of PhosphonicS Ltd commented:

“The bringing together of Carbosynth’s strong global market position in the pharmaceutical industry with the PhosphonicS range of  products and services for use at every stage in the drug development cycle, from discovery to full scale manufacture, presents an exciting opportunity for the strengthening of both businesses going forward. The combined company will provide a much broader offer to key players in the pharmaceutical industry. The combination of PhosphonicS emerging position in the important Chinese market will complement Carbosynth’s established operations in Suzhouand Jinan and this will accelerate the adoption of PhosphonicS world leading scavenging technology for both pharmaceutical and recovery applications in this fast growing market. I am delighted that PhosphonicS has found such a good partner to take it to the next stage of its development.”


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