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Alkyl sufonic acid silica

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A clean, efficient catalyst that can be used from lab to plant scale across a range of transformations in the fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and bulk chemical industries.

The sulfonic acid functionality is covalently bound to the silica.

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Esterification – 1,1,1-Tris(hydroxymethyl)propane + Octanoic acid + Phos-Cat4 combined and heated at 120 degrees C with overhead stirring under a gentle nitrogen flow for 16 hours. Reaction mixture decanted to separate the catalyst. Analysis showed the product to be >99.9% trimethylolpropane trisoctanote, recovered as a pale yellow oil. The catalyst was reused for over 20 cycles without loss of activity.

Elimination – 1-phenyl-1-cyclohexanol + toluene + Phos-Cat4 combined and stirred at reflux (110 degrees C) with water removal using Dean-Stark apparatus for 4 hours. Reaction mixture decanted and solvent removed by vacuum. Yield was 99.3% and purity by GC was 99.8%. Subsequent hydrogenation step proceeds smoothly, whereas use of pTSA results in poisoning of the Pd catalyst.

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