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3-Mercaptopropyl ethyl sulphide silica (low cross linking)

Very High Affinity: Rh, Pd, Pt, Ir, Cu, As, Sn, Os, Au, Hg, Pb(II)-aq
High Affinity: Ag

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SPM32 is the gold standard scavenger designed to effectively and efficiently remove platinum group metals from APIs at any stage of development or commercialisation . The incorporation of thiol ligands means that SPM32 has a very high affinity for platinum group metals.

It is first choice scavenger for purification and the ubiquitous recommendation for Pd removal. It also has a high affinity for Rh, Ru, Ir and Au but will remove a wide range of other metals including Cu.

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Metal 1

Au, Cu, Ir, Pd, Ru

Metal 2


Other Metals

Ag, Cd, Fe, Hg, Ni, Os, Pb, Pt, Sn

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An API contained >100 ppm Pd from a Pd-catalysed coupling reaction performed at the final stage of the syntheic process. Treatment of the crude sample in an organic-aqueous solvent mixture at >80 degrees C with SPM32 remduced the Pd to <5 ppm.

An API contained 1500 ppm Ru following transfer hydrogenation. Treatment of a solution of product in acetonitrile at 55 degrees C as a batch slurry for 1 hour with SPM32 removed the Ru to 4 ppm.

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