At PhosphonicS we provide functionalised materials so you can remove impurities to enhance product quality and recover value from process and waste streams containing low concentrations of metals. Our materials will remove most metals but are particularly selective for Platinum Group Metals which can be removed without loss of product.

PhosphonicS’ products are used in sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals and natural extracts to fine and bulk chemicals, mining refineries, electronics and metal recovery and recycling industries. Our application solutions are used at all stages of research, development and manufacturing. Our solutions provide cost effective ways to help accelerate research and product development, enhance and maintain product quality and optimise production returns.

We provide expert advice on the best solution to your particular challenge, whether it is purifying high performing products, recovering value from spent process streams or remediating a waste stream. We offer a range of services tailored to your needs from beginning to end of your process including: technical advice on the optimum scavenger to choose, customised laboratory testing services, advice on processing parameters, and engineering services for pilot and full scale plant design and installations. 

In January 2017 PhosphonicS Ltd was acquired by Carbosynth Holdings Ltd. PhosphonicS remains a separate business unit supplying our materials globally through America, Europe, Africa and Asia.