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Cartridge Solutions

Tailored solutions which fit simply into your manufacturing or pilot plant to remove the metal from your product

About the PhosphonicS cartridges

PhosphonicS has been working with the pharmaceutical industry for the last 10 years and knows the importance of the purity of an API to the successful development and launch of a new drug.

Our cartridge solutions allow you to scale up from the laboratory-based synthesis, typically used in discovery and R&D stages of drug development, to plant scale production for full-scale manufacturing.

Incorporating the PhosphonicS patented high performing functionalised silica scavengers we can supply a range of either plastic or metal cartridges designed to fit a range of metal housings all manufactured to meet the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

The scientists at PhosphonicS are always happy to discuss your particular purification challenge and recommend the solution which meets your need the best.


  • Easy to use format for scale up and scale out from laboratory to plant scale production
  • Flexible cartridge options tailored to your needs
  • Faster scale up to production quantities
  • Made from materials which are fully compliant with pharmaceutical standards
  • Minimal exposure risk for staff from enclosed system design

Figure 1 : Single cartridge housing with plastic cartridge

Technical Specifications

Plastic Cartridges
Material 100% virgin polypropylene
Length 20 inch (500 mm) and 10 inch (251 mm)
Connector Double Viton O-ring
Metal Cartridges & Housings
Material 316 stainless steel
Length 20 inch (498 mm) and 10 inch (247 mm)
Connector Double Viton O-ring

Figure 2 : Triple cartridge housing with plastic cartridges


Figure 3 : Metal cartridge