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Electronics Purification

Electronics purification

The use of organic molecules within electronics has increased tremendously with significant growth in the use of materials such as liquid crystal displays, organic light emitting diodes, organic field effect transistors and organic solar cells to name a few. The presence of metal impurities in these organic materials can have a significant detrimental effect on the product performance and lifetime. The metal impurities can come from the raw materials or the processes used to make the products. PhosphonicS products are able to remove most metals to below ppm levels giving improved performance so whether you want to remove metals from your starting materials, intermediates or products PhosphonicS have solution for you.

About PhosphonicS

At PhosphonicS, our scientists relish the challenges presented by metal impurities in the manufacture of products in the electronics industry. We specialise in designing simple solutions to complex metal removal problems using the smartest silica technology to optimise results.

Superior purification

  • Remove most metals to low levels
  • Fully scalable
  • Used industrially for more than 8 years

Introducing PhosphonicS Precious Metal Recovery Products

The Phos series of silica products are designed to recover precious metals from your process and waste streams.

Product code Product name
Phos-02 Aminoalkyl 3 functionalised silica
Phos-03 Aminoalkyl 1 functionalised silica
Phos-04 Mercaptoalkyl 1 functionalised silica
Phos-05 Mercaptoalkyl 4 functionalised silica
Phos-06 Alkyl thiourea functionalised silica
PEP13 Aminoalkyl, mercapto alkyl silica
POH1 Ethyl/butyl phosphonic acid silica
SPM32 3-Mercaptopropyl ethyl sulphide silica
SEM26 2- Mercaptoethyl ethyl sulphide silica
SPT 1-Propane thiol silica
MTCf Methyl thiourea ethyl sulfide ethyl silica
SEA 2-Aminoethyl sulphide ethyl silica
SPA5 Pentaamine ethyl sulfide amide silica
STA3 Triamine ethyl sulfide amide silica

You can order your Phos Screening Kit in a convenient 10g size. Please refer to Phos-Kit 10 when ordering.


What Makes PhosphonicS Unique?

PhosphonicS uses patented technology for attaching powerful ligands to a silica backbone. The ability to incorporate multiple chelating sites enables our silica products to outperform other solid supported products, at every concentration of precious metal in your stream.

Case Studies

Metal removal from LCD material

A liquid crystal materials manufacturer wanted to remove a range of 20 different metals including group 1, group 2 and transition metals from their product. Batch to batch variability in metal content resulted in varying electro resistance of the product.

PhosphonicS screened a range of products and where typical purification products would remove specific groups of metals, PEP13 was able to remove all the metals simultaneously to low levels. Optimisation of the process through a PhASE program allowed the effective use of the material in a packed column at 50 °C. the fixed bed column gave both the greatest removal and the most efficient use of scavenger. The treatment process reduced all the metals varying from 1 to 100ppm to less than 0.1ppm and resulted in a more uniform product with an increase of the electric resistance of between 60 and 300%.

Order Your Phos Screening Kit

To order your Phos Screening Kit send an email requesting a Phos-Kit Custom to sales@phosphonics.com