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2- Mercaptoethyl ethyl sulphide silica

Very High Affinity: Ru, Rh, Pd, Os, Ir
High Affinity: Cu, Pt

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SEM26 is a superior performing silica-based thiol scavenger. It has a very high affinity for platinum group metals and is the recommendation for Rh removal. It also has a high affinity for Pd and Au but will remove a wide range of metals.

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Metal 1


Metal 2

Au, Pd

Other Metals

Ag, Cd, Cu, Fe, Hg, Ir, Ni, Os, Pb, Pt, Ru, Sn

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A pharmaceutical intermediate contained 365 ppm Pd after a Negishi coupling. Threatment of 8000 L THF solution with SEM26 reduced the Pd content to <20 ppm. Treatmetn at 40degC required 48hrs tfor maximum removal but treatmet at 60deg showed comeplte removal in 8hrs in a tbatch slurry, with less scavenger.

An API prepared from Suzuki coupling with Pd(dppf) in DMF containing up to 1000 ppm Pd. Treatment of a solutionin Me-THF and DMF with a 1:1 Mix of SEM26 and SPM32 at 60 degrees C removed the Pd to 4 ppm, ensuring >99% purity for the product.

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